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Brittany Lichtenstein DSC_0222.jpg P1050238.jpg IMG_8972.jpg Balanced Rock near Arches National Park P1050143.jpg DSC_0189.jpg P1050143.jpg IMG_9028.jpg DSC_0090.jpg DSC_0051.jpg IMG_2076.jpg Dusty Pulse & Bloom Boards P1050612.jpg Pulse & Bloom during the day makes a great respite At the Grand Canyon Neon Museum of Vegas Our guides Paige and Jake meet us near the top on the way back up DSC_0165.jpg DSC_0175.jpg DSC_0147.jpg At the Grand Canyon IMG_8801.jpg IMG_8935.jpg P1050118.jpg DSC_0032.jpg P1050132.jpg P1050238.jpg P1040561.jpg DSC_0030.jpg DSC_0237.jpg Climbing Angel's Landing at Mt. Zion DSC_0038.jpg P1050162.jpg IMG_8880.jpg P1050163.jpg P1050151.jpg P1040616.jpg P1050340.jpg DSC_0031.jpg Bryce Canyon At Corona Arch P1040657.jpg IMG_8781.jpg IMG_9024.jpg P1040649.jpg DSC_0192.jpg P1050152.jpg
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