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is 492 days away from graduation.
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DSC_0216.jpg Pulse & Bloom - Soldering leds.jpg At the Grand Canyon DSC_0105.jpg IMG_8861.jpg IMG_9018.jpg P1050233.jpg IMG_8837.jpg IMG_1973.jpg P1050556.jpg Bryce Canyon DSC_0179.jpg IMG_8956.jpg IMG_8972.jpg DSC_0190.jpg P1040569.jpg IMG_8770.jpg P1050114.jpg Shiloh in a dust storm At Goosenecks State Park IMG_8919.jpg The early arrival braceful says "Work hard, don't do stupid shit." P1050589.jpg DSC_0213.jpg IMG_8898.jpg Bryce Canyon DSC_0055.jpg P1050436.jpg DSC_0059.jpg P1050155.jpg P1050123.jpg IMG_8743.jpg DSC_0277.jpg P1040577.jpg P1050196.jpg DSC_0070.jpg P1050201.jpg At Corona Arch P1050126.jpg Pulse & Bloom - Van.jpg Pulse & Bloom - PicoBuck.jpg Arches National Park P1050195.jpg Dusty Pulse & Bloom Boards Eddy's birthday cheesecake Pictograph of a lizard IMG_2065.jpg DSC_0270.jpg
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