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Sunset at the Grand Canyon Bryce Canyon Pulse & Bloom - Soldering boards.jpg IMG_9028.jpg The early arrival bracelet says "Work hard, don't do stupid shit." IMG_8774.jpg P1050237.jpg P1050195.jpg Corona Arch Bryce Canyon DSC_0169.jpg Grand Canyon hike to the bottom P1050118.jpg At the Grand Canyon P1050431.jpg Monument Valley in Navajo Nation DSC_0158.jpg IMG_8991.jpg DSC_0154.jpg Bryce Canyon Sunrise in the Grand Canyon P1050200.jpg IMG_8870.jpg DSC_0148.jpg Balanced Rock near Arches National Park IMG_8856.jpg P1050187.jpg P1050597.jpg P1050592.jpg DSC_0094.jpg P1050110.jpg At Corona Arch P1050227.jpg Climbing Angel's Landing at Mt. Zion Riding horses with Marina at Monument Valley in Navajo Nation IMG_8898.jpg DSC_0225.jpg DSC_0044.jpg IMG_2107.jpg P1050220.jpg Our camp passed out P1050112.jpg DSC_0056.jpg Llamas in my head, llamas at the door, llamas in the park. IMG_8806.jpg IMG_8933.jpg Eddy's birthday cheesecake At the Grand Canyon
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