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IMG_8735.jpg P1050232.jpg IMG_2161.jpg DSC_0213.jpg DSC_0070.jpg P1050126.jpg "The smell artist prefers sound art when it goes awry: there's nothing like a short circuit to wait up one's nostrils." DSC_0208.jpg Cucina Economica is a Big Disappointment Ft. Greene Historic District P1050178.jpg Groom Standing There Wondering if the Wedding is Going to Happen P1050238.jpg P1050198.jpg Brittany Takes Her Time Getting Down At the top of a 60' crane taking photos of the lotuses P1040457.jpg P1040651.jpg Grutas de Lol'tun IMG_8954.jpg This 15 foot tree took us to the beach for a Christmas bonfire. The Armory Show 2010 Pyramid at Coba Ft. Greene Historic District P1050207.jpg DSC_0223.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District DSC_0159.jpg DSC_0240.jpg DSC_0158.jpg The Armory Show 2010 Pulse & Bloom - Van.jpg P1050143.jpg IMG_8743.jpg P1050110.jpg IMG_9028.jpg upload Zabriskie Point in Death Valley P1040361.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District P1050225.jpg P1040436.jpg P1050197.jpg P1050576.jpg Fountain Feet Like the drunk girl at the party, Shiloh's passed out on the couch. P1050255.jpg The Armory Show 2010
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