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is another former Clevelander.
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P1050123.jpg P1050151.jpg P1050163.jpg Pizza with tea might just be my party trick, but I'm recovering from the flight. IMG_8801.jpg Ocean at Tulum Campeche Samuel and Katie Hugging it Out P1050132.jpg IMG_2086.jpg Allen & Son Barbeque Closed for Vacation Like Greenland ain’t green and Iceland ain’t ice, Dead Man’s Point is where people go to live. The Armory Show 2010 IMG_8926.jpg IMG_8797.jpg Random Church in Mexico Countryside Brittany and Shiloh This 15 foot tree took us to the beach for a Christmas bonfire. IMG_9001.jpg Happy Birthday Brittany! P1050126.jpg P1050200.jpg The Armory Show 2010 IMG_8927.jpg Pulse & Bloom - Van.jpg P1050237.jpg Skiing on the top of Boreal in Tahoe. Ft. Greene Historic District Courtyard of Mérida's Art Museum P1040657.jpg IMG_8765.jpg A Tree Grows in Campeche Blessing the Palms IMG_8760.jpg Family Portrait Broken 20 Amp Fuse from the Boris the Buick Lost in the Python Bee finals to Guido, but won this iPhone 5 as a consolation prize. An empty whiteboard can only mean one thing. A release must be imminent. P1050556.jpg Brittany Takes Her Time Getting Down IMG_8980.jpg Men and Women of the Wedding IMG_8796.jpg IMG_8793.jpg P1050225.jpg First Burn of the Trip The normal look for burners The Armory Show 2010
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