Samuel Clay
is another former Clevelander.
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P1050370.jpg Something Something Jesus IMG_8938.jpg IMG_8743.jpg IMG_8903.jpg Zabriskie Point in Death Valley IMG_8738.jpg IMG_8864.jpg Lotuses in a dust storm Ft. Greene Historic District Our Fountain IMG_8901.jpg Shoe Making in Valladolid Brittany Takes Her Time Getting Down Kevin Dizzy Gillespie Shiloh in a dust storm P1040665.jpg P1050150.jpg Jesus Died 150 ft. in the Air Pulse & Bloom - Van.jpg IMG_8987.jpg The Armory Show 2010 P1050192.jpg P1040577.jpg Fancy Hotel with Fancy Greenery IMG_8795.jpg P1050522.jpg IMG_1973.jpg Soothsayer's Pyramind Driving the Yucatan Countryside Men and Women of the Wedding Just me and my Octocat walking down the street. P1050102.jpg IMG_9018.jpg P1050132.jpg Katie Climbing in Style IMG_8821.jpg Brittany in the Hostel in Campeche P1050516.jpg Like the drunk girl at the party, Shiloh's passed out on the couch. P1040631.jpg Happy pride SF. Groom Standing There Wondering if the Wedding is Going to Happen Katie and Shiloh The Cathedral in Mérida The Armory Show 2010 Morning Breakfast in Daytona, Florida
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