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P1040476.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District Brittany Almost at the Top of Coba P1050209.jpg Second time in a row that the Shenandoa denies us passage. P1050195.jpg Muscles at the Great Smokey Mountain National Park IMG_9023.jpg IMG_8799.jpg "The smell artist prefers sound art when it goes awry: there's nothing like a short circuit to wait up one's nostrils." IMG_8892.jpg IMG_8821.jpg Dog Resting on Pyramid, 30m in the Sky IMG_2077.jpg IMG_2107.jpg Brittany Takes Her Time Getting Down P1050114.jpg Brittany Takes Her Time Getting Down The Armory Show 2010 IMG_8765.jpg Live on the Side of a Mountain (After Photoshop) The kind of lunch where we both eat the same thing. Modern dance on a 10 story building. What Driving the Yucatan Looks Like P1050163.jpg P1050597.jpg Skiing on the top of Boreal in Tahoe. Termite in Coba Arriving at the Pulse & Bloomg Camp P1050190.jpg The Beach in Florida P1050178.jpg Lotuses at dusk Rise and shine, you filthy animal. Ft. Greene Historic District IMG_8795.jpg P1050079.jpg The siren's call is strong on this coast. P1050126.jpg IMG_8933.jpg P1050382.jpg P1050310.jpg P1050143.jpg P1050209.jpg Campeche Marketplace Shuttered Shops Brittany and Cassie's Arm P1040649.jpg P1040436.jpg
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