Samuel Clay
is up on a hill in San Francisco.
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The drunks, they are so drunk. And this Krang is weird at drinking. #baytobreakers Art of Mérida Rise and shine, you filthy animal. Ft. Greene Historic District Coney Island Beer Vendor Katie at Coney Island Last Rooftop Party Brittany in the Hostel in Campeche Cobble Hill Historic District This 15 foot tree took us to the beach for a Christmas bonfire. Ft. Greene Historic District P1040419.jpg Shiloh Missouri State Border Boerum Hill Historic District Grutas de Lol'tun Cats and dogs Our Man of Mérida Tree Climber Men and Women of the Wedding Brooklyn Heights Historic District Piggy Dinner Model Mary The Armory Show 2010 The Rowdy Beaver: Wichita's Premier Attraction Man Reading in his Backyard and Does He Even Know He is Being Photographed Ft. Greene Historic District Nevada State Border "The smell artist prefers sound art when it goes awry: there's nothing like a short circuit to wait up one's nostrils." The Armory Show 2010 Only fitting that the Robot Film Festival in SF has a drag queen MC. Art of Mérida Prepping for burning man with lots and lots of fur. Brooklyn Heights Historic District Dog in Cage Makes Everybody Sad Brittany Takes Her Time Getting Down Last Rooftop Party Like Greenland ain’t green and Iceland ain’t ice, Dead Man’s Point is where people go to live. Brooklyn Heights Historic District Brittany Under Stripeys Pyramid Lounging Police Ride Around Campeche in the Back of a Pickup with Shotguns Morning Breakfast in Daytona, Florida The Armory Show 2010 Brooklyn Heights Historic District The Armory Show 2010 Brittany at the Wedding Ohio State Border
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