Samuel Clay
is another former Clevelander.
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Pizza with tea might just be my party trick, but I'm recovering from the flight. P1050254.jpg Ubehebe Crater Learning to Tight-Rope Walk Lazy River at the Resort Answer key to the new NewsBlur t-shirt. Brittany Like the drunk girl at the party, Shiloh's passed out on the couch. Courtyard of Mérida's Art Museum Cassie P1040447.jpg P1050201.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District P1050576.jpg DSC_0105.jpg Fires Are Everywhere P1050541.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District View From the Top at Coba DSC_0240.jpg P1050209.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District Ft. Greene Historic District Zabriskie Point in Death Valley Last Rooftop Party Brittany and Oranges Wind map of a single point. DSC_0202.jpg DSC_0238.jpg Sun in Fountain IMG_8817.jpg IMG_8902.jpg IMG_8894.jpg DSC_0049.jpg DSC_0190.jpg IMG_8762.jpg Doors for Tall Men IMG_8875.jpg P1050162.jpg Family Portrait P1050209.jpg IMG_8795.jpg The early arrival bracelet says "Work hard, don't do stupid shit." Dancing in the Street IMG_8759.jpg DSC_0085.jpg P1050227.jpg IMG_8844.jpg
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