Samuel Clay
is a Clevelander outside Ohio.
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Balanced Rock near Arches National Park DSC_0110.jpg DSC_0266.jpg At the Grand Canyon Neon Museum of Vegas IMG_8918.jpg At the Grand Canyon P1050209.jpg P1050197.jpg P1050255.jpg The normal look for burners P1050200.jpg DSC_0148.jpg P1050151.jpg P1050102.jpg Arches National Park IMG_8847.jpg DSC_0223.jpg P1050110.jpg At the top of a 60' crane taking photos of the lotuses IMG_8968.jpg DSC_0096.jpg P1050310.jpg USA-NEVADA/BURNINGMAN Corona Arch Arriving at the Pulse & Bloomg Camp IMG_8806.jpg IMG_1909.jpg Sunrise in the Grand Canyon Riding horses with Marina at Monument Valley in Navajo Nation P1050197.jpg P1050192.jpg P1050227.jpg DSC_0094.jpg Vegas Container Park Brittany at the Grand Canyon DSC_0268.jpg IMG_1893.jpg P1050547.jpg P1050099.jpg DSC_0272.jpg P1050144.jpg Bryce Canyon P1050207.jpg P1050254.jpg DSC_0164.jpg Bryce Canyon DSC_0208.jpg
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