Samuel Clay
is another former Clevelander.
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The Armory Show 2010 Pride, No Clear. View From the Top at Coba The Armory Show 2010 It's new bike day (to replace last month's stolen bike), and a perfect day for Critical Mass. Brooklyn Heights Historic District Cassie Ohio State Border Arriving at the Pulse & Bloomg Camp Dusty Pulse & Bloom Boards Fountain Feet Two Girls P1040669.jpg Brittany at Coney Island Brittany Takes Her Time Getting Down USA-NEVADA/BURNINGMAN With Saba and Shiloh P1040457.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District Dog & Cat P1040586.jpg Ubehebe Crater Berkeley does this to you. Lotuses in a dust storm At Stack Exchange HQ so I can finally repay everything I owe them for Stack Overflow. Our Fountain I am now the proud owner of six cronots. Seven if you count the one I just ate. MUNI is texture paradise Men and Women of the Wedding Park Slope Historic District Bang Bang Dog in Cage Makes Everybody Sad P1040665.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District The Armory Show 2010 P1040476.jpg At the Bay Area Maker Faire. Say hello if you're here, too! Holding up the MUNI. My photo just won the MUNI category of the #sfphotohunt Georgia State Border Zabriskie Point in Death Valley The Armory Show 2010 Pulse & Bloom - LEDs.jpg Cobble Hill Historic District Cyclone at Coney Island Sam and Brittany fixing lotuses Cobble Hill Historic District Emaciated Perro P1040642.jpg
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