Samuel Clay
is a Clevelander outside Ohio.
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Pulse & Bloom - Van.jpg At the Grand Canyon P1050112.jpg Corona Arch At the Grand Canyon Pulse & Bloom during the day makes a great respite P1050155.jpg DSC_0044.jpg Bryce Canyon P1050079.jpg Bryce Canyon Grand Canyon hike to the bottom P1040577.jpg P1050436.jpg Sunset at the Grand Canyon P1050592.jpg IMG_8920.jpg IMG_9024.jpg DSC_0031.jpg At the Grand Canyon IMG_8794.jpg P1050099.jpg P1050110.jpg P1050200.jpg With Saba and Shiloh P1050232.jpg DSC_0266.jpg P1050102.jpg IMG_8890.jpg Brittany Lichtenstein P1050081.jpg P1050207.jpg DSC_0237.jpg IMG_8875.jpg IMG_8980.jpg IMG_8765.jpg DSC_0205.jpg IMG_8898.jpg P1050547.jpg IMG_8815.jpg Corona Arch IMG_8775.jpg P1050476.jpg P1050126.jpg Solar eclipse at Arches National Park P1050238.jpg IMG_8972.jpg P1050564.jpg
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